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Joslyn Nerdahl

Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach


Relationship Coaching: heteronormative, non-heteronormative, LGBTQ+, inclusive consultations

Sex Education: for juniors, teens, adults, elderly ALL AGES 

Sexual Rehabilitation: working through trauma

Energy Reading: Millennium Method, Reiki & other ancient traditions applied upon request

About Joslyn

Joslyn is a Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach and Human & Sexual Rights Advocate who believes strongly in communication and consent. With years of coaching, surrogacy, somatic bodywork, sexual education and rehabilitation under her belt she is now completing the clinical portion of her Sexology degree. Her passion is helping people learn how to talk about sex and helping clients find safe ways of exploring how to get their needs met, creating healthier individuals, couples, families and communities. She has over a decade of experience doing different traditional forms of ancient energy healing, and uses some modern forms as well, only upon request.


“I have sent many clients to Joslyn as I trust her skill, her knowledge, and her ability to connect with each client in a meaningful and transformative way.” -Dr. Teesha Morgan

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Joslyn is an AMAZING representation of the sexology field! She is definitely one of the many bright spots in the world of healing and sexuality.” -Jeanson Benoit, Certified Clinical Sexologist & Sex Educator at

John Doe UI/UX Designer


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