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Joslyn Nerdahl

Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach

About Joslyn

Joslyn has over 10 years of experience offering energy healing, sexual advice, relationship guidance and liberation. Friends and clients have called her a "relationship guru" and a "sexual catalyst”. She has helped thousands of clients explore their sexuality through various therapeutic means, both clinical and energetic. With years of coaching, surrogacy, somatic bodywork, sexual education and rehabilitation under her belt she is now completing the clinical portion of her sexology degree with the world’s leading academy for clinical sexologists under the guidance of Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap. Joslyn has specialized training doing sex education and rehabilitation services with clients who have been physically injured or disabled. She has spoken about sexual health on various podcasts and programs nationally and internationally (see Media for details). Joslyn has been attuned and trained as an energy practitioner and Reiki Master. She is trained in the Usui Reiki modality and has used several other forms, such as Egyptian Reiki. She has been certified in Levels 1 & 2 of the Millennium Method which uses fractal energy downloads and artwork to help reprogram energetic patterning which can affect human behaviour and systems. Along with other ancient Native American traditions and intuitive practices Joslyn provides a specialized and unique combination of expertise and knowledge in creating healthy sexual experiences.