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Sex & Relationship Coaching

Individuals and couples of all orientations welcome. Specialties include (but are not limited to) addressing lack of sexual desire, sex-negative conditioning, obstacles to intimacy, infidelity, sexual communication, sexual exploration and intimacy development, healing sexual trauma,  sex and disability, sex education, fetishism, navigating polyamorous relationships

Sex Education

Instruction on issues relating (but not limited) to human sexuality throughout different stages of life, human anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity and sexual health, emotional and spiritual relations, reproductive rights, responsibilities and birth control, sexual rehabilitation, sex and disability

Sexual Rehabilitation

Healing past wounding within relationships around sexuality and intimacy, boundary and trust issues, sexual abuse and violence, post-injury rehabilitation and coaching

Energy Healing

Using a variety of methods (including but not limited to Reiki, fractal energy work/Millennium Method, therapeutic touch) intuitive readings provide insight into possible blockages, contributing factors and areas of opportunity to focus on for healing and growth.  Because the spiritual side of life may not be something everyone is comfortable focusing on, this service is included only upon request